Coloring Pins in the Map Visualization


I am trying to build a visualization for flight prediction. Therefore we load into our DB lat/lon values for the actual flight and the flight prediction. The map shows the data, but we would need to add coloring to the differently tagged pins. For example, it would be useful to have the different paths shown in the image to have different colors.

I guess it should be possible somehow, since in the documentation the pins have also slightly different color tone, but I did not find a functionaility to do so. Maybe it also just looks like that, because there are multiple pins stacked on each other…

Anyhow, is this possible and I am missing something or is this just not a thing (yet) and we have to live with one color for all pins?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @kreecker,
Cool use case!
Can you please share some of your data? Or help me understand which pins should be colored differently?
I’m not all that familiar with maps but it looks like they’re different colors to me because they’re stacked on top of each other.
If I can’t help solve your problem, I’d like to create a feature request, so I can help you be successful.

Hello @Anaisdg ,
thanks for replying!
Well, the data is pretty simple:
In the example image I posted in the original post you see two paths:
One that goes from west to east
and the other one goes from west to south-east.
See below the image again with lines indicating the paths.

This is a simple use case and the data just consists of lon/lat values forming this zig-zag paths. In some extent, I would wish to, for example, add tags to datapoints and color them according to tags.
In the image below you can also see in the second part, that I wrote the datapoints into the measure GPS3, but annotated the datapoints of one of the path with “FlightActual” and the other ones with “FlightPrediction”. Now I would wish to have an option to say “Set the color of all pins for datapoints with tag FlightActual to red and the ones with tag FlightPrediction to green” (or similar).

For writing the data into the DB I used lineprotocol and entered manually some data in the form of:
GPS3,tag1=FlightPrediction lat=48.5665,lon=13.43122 1622505600000
GPS3,tag1=FlightPrediction lat=48.567499999999995,lon=13.43222 1622509200000
GPS3,tag1=FlightPrediction lat=48.56849999999999,lon=13.433219999999999 1622512800000
GPS3,tag1=FlightPrediction lat=48.56949999999999,lon=13.434219999999998 1622516400000
GPS3,tag1=FlightPrediction lat=48.57049999999999,lon=13.435219999999997 1622520000000
GPS3,tag1=FlightPrediction lat=48.571499999999986,lon=13.436219999999997 1622523600000
GPS3,tag1=FlightPrediction lat=48.57049999999999,lon=13.437219999999996 1622527200000

Hello @kreecker,
I’m wondering if you included a separate tag to differentiate the two flight paths if that will help.

Hello @Anaisdg,
yes I did, you can see it on the image, there the different paths have the tags “FligthActual” and “FlightPrediction”. I was initially assuming that this will be enough to automatically paint different colored pins, but apparently not…

Whoops I didnt see that thanks for pointing it out.
I encourage you to make a feature request and share it with me so we can help product incorporate your feedback and move in a direction that helps community.

Hi @Anaisdg,
I did.
Here is the Issue:

Thanks for your answers and I hope this will help other user in the future :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for doing that!