Chronograf DEADMAN for data not being collected anymore

How do I create an DEADMAN alert for any data where ther was data collected at one time and is now not being collected.

It seams that the DEADMAN will fire in data stops being collected, but how do i fire a Dead man for No data collected.

This will help me identify servers / databases where they have been collecting data previously but not anymore and will aletr the correct people that either their process need to be started, or collectD is not running, the database is not running or that their historical data need to be cleaned off of the Influx Database and their measurements delete from influx as a whole if the server is no longer in commission

I have just started on Alerting and there have been many QA / DEV servers and databases collecting data at one time, but have been decommissioned

So how do I do a deadman for data missing and not being collected anymore?

Alerts are great, but Chronograph and Kapacitor when it comes to DEADMAN, Grouping by Host, and Alerting seems to be like a pretzel, all salty and twisted.