Change _monitoring bucket retention policy

I am using the alerts system and want to use the stored information from the _monitoring bucket for certain time; however, the retention policy of this bucket is just 7 days and I can’t find a way to modify it. Same happends with _tasks bucket. Is it possible to change the retention policy of _monitoring and _tasks buckets.

Hi @iserranoe,
Welcome to the community! :slight_smile: I am just going to ask internally on this one. Very good question though. What would really help is if you could provide an example of the queries you are using against the monitoring bucket and why you need to change the retention policy.

Hi @Jay_Clifford! We want to keep record of the alarms for longer than 7 days, but I still don’t have the queries. I guess I’ll have to copy them in another bucket with longer retention policy!

HI @iserranoe,
I checked internally and their advice was to do exactly that and generate a new bucket dedicated to alarms. You could bypass the _monitoring bucket all together if you didn’t use the monitoring package and wrote the desired flux conditional function out. That is up to you. Otherwise you could use a to function to move the desired alarms to a bucket with a longer retention