Cannot Run Influxdb when using external HDD on RPI3

I am running node-red, influxdb and grafana quite happily on a raspberry pi. Currently everything is stored on the SD card which isn’t ideal. I have mounted a usb HDD (NTFS formatted) which I can see and add files, modify permissions etc. I added a directory for influx data and the 3 sub dirs (data, wal and meta). I copied my existing contents over to the external drive, i changed permissions to the drive with a recursive chmod 777 (local install so only me accessing) and did a chown influxdb:influxdb -R on the drive. I correctly, I believe, modified the config to point at the 3 folders on the drive. As soon as i restart influxdb, chronograf and grafana cannot see the data source any more. If I change the config file back to the original, works straight away. Any ideas at all? I think I tried everything and searched everywhere. Thanks

Have you checked influxdb log for any errors? What are they?

Sorry for my ignorance but where is the log located.

I’m not a linux expert, but I guess something like journalctl -u influxdb.service could work for this. Be sure to scroll to the end (or relevant part).

Thanks. I’ll give that a try.