Cannot insert int values after specific date



I am running several InfluxDB servers and on some of them it is no longer possible to insert INT values. The problem appears to be happening before or after 30.10.2017 00:00:00 UTC. On one of the servers everything was ok up to that date and after 30.10.17 it is no longer inserting int values. On another server it is the exact opposite - values can be inserted only after that date, but not before it.

Here is an example:

Note that the only difference between the two commands is the date.
I feel that this issue may be related to DTS time chage, or the way Influxdb parses the incoming POST requests.
In any case the issue seems to be limited only to the INT values.
@jackzampolin Any ideas?



Well it turns out that the field was actually of type FLOAT, even though I was still able to insert INT values into it by some reason…
And after 30.10.2017 Influx decided to stop allowing integers into that field.
Really strange behaviour, someone should take a look into it…

I resolved the problem by copying the data into new measurement and casting the “Int” column to integer.

God bless!