Can a field have an array value?

I am learning about InfluxDB for possible use in our project. I searched the forums but did not see any conclusive information that answers my question.

Some of the field values for the measurements we would like to import are arrays of types supported by InfluxDB, and I’m trying to determine whether or not this is a problem.

I realize that a field value is a String so at some level maybe the system doesn’t care about what is inside the String.
But I don’t see any discussion or examples in the documentation of values being arrays so I’m concerned. Is there required syntax for arrays?

Thank you for any advice for links to relevant documentation.


you can store a string as an array, and also you can use string.split() function to convert a string to array.

strings.split() function | Flux 0.x Documentation (

also with some creativity you could use said function to extract each value on the string to a new field.

Thanks @fercasjr for your answer and tip to the docs.