Calculating value between 2 points

Hi all,
I am collecting my Data from my heatpump with influxdb. The issue I am facing, I do not get the actual vaule how much energy my heatpump is consuming. The only value I am getting is the total value the heatpump consumed. So my idea now is to create a new measure wich calculate the difference between these to points and write this as a new measure.
As an example:
Timestamp value
8:58 10000
9:00 11000
9:02 11500

out if this I want to get the new measure like:
Timestamp value
8:59 1000
9:01 500

and so on.
Any Idea how I can do this?

Welcome @J_B

Assuming you are using Flux, have you tried the difference() function?

Hi grant1,
thanks a lot for your reply. at moment I only have installed influxdb, so I guess flux is something like pgadmin for PostgreSQL?
at moment I simply put the command influx in the shell and then i can run queries like show measurements.
So I guess I have to add flux and then continue with difference()?

Which version of InfluxDB are you using? They have several products, and each uses different querying languages (InfluxQL, Flux and now SQL).

From your description, it sounds like you may be using InfluxQL. Maybe this will help you get started?