Calculate over all measurements in organization

I want to do cardinality calculations on every measurement in the system. I wanted to simply map over buckets and measurements but map does only support singular values. Is there any option to loop only but not map over collection ?

    |> map(fn: (r) => { 
        bucket =
        return schema.measurements(bucket: bucket)
        |> map(fn: (r) => {
            measurement = r._value
            card = influxdb.cardinality(bucket: bucket, start: -1h, predicate: (r) => (r._measurement == measurement))
                    |> findRecord(idx: 0, fn: (key) =>
            return { r with cardinality: card._value }

bucket map can only return single value and we have multiple measurements

Can it be done with Flux “v0.107.1-0.20210315004542-0546f24e73a0” ?