Best practices for saving data with more than one of the same tag

Say I’m saving a data point for a sensor that is in multiple Zones. I want to be able to query based on Zone, so I need to save zone_id as a tag. However influx doesn’t allow you to save points with more than one of the same tag. So do I need to save the data point multiple times, one for each zone?

Further, say the data point also had Workers associated with it, and any workers determined to be related would be saved as well. If this point is in 3 Zones with 5 related Workers I would have to save the same data point 8 different times?

This doesn’t seem very efficient, and I feel like I could be missing something obvious.

So, does no one know the answer to this?

I think you will need to write your data point multiple times if you want to do this. Perhaps you can use zone groups to represent a groups of zone_ids instead?