Best practice on storing data from multiple devices

I’m curious about the best practice when having multiple devices I want to store data from. I got a telegraf installation in multiple locations with multiple devices I get data from. What’s the best practice to store this data? I thought of creating a new organization for every location and a new bucket for every device, but the InfluxDB2 documentation suggests to use 20 buckets concurrently max. I will approximately have ~24.000 data fields per location and will add ~3 locations per month. Retention is set to 1 week

Hello @fox98841,
I would put all of your data into one bucket and add a tag for each sensor. At least all the data that requires the same retention policy. If you’re collecting some data at a vastly different rate then that data could go into a new bucket.
What version of InfluxDB are you using?
If you’re interested in using InfluxDB Cloud powered by IOx it offers near unlimited cardinality (a main purpose for building it was to eliminate cardinality concerns).
Read more about it here: