Best approach to create multi rates buckets


I’m looking for suggestions on creating a “sampled down” buckets architecture using Influx 2 OSS.

To provide a concept example:

  • my data source is 100 signals at 1000Hz.
  • the data would go in a first “High Speed” bucket with a 2h retention time

Then this is where I would need suggestions. I’d like to automate the sampling down of the data in different bucket with extended retention time (like an historian/log system for instance)

  • 1Hz bucket (1 week retention)
  • 0.1 Hz bucket (1 month retention)
  • and may be a 1x point / min bucket.

What would be the option within INflux tools to create some kind of automation that automatically copy the data over to the other buckets ?
Ideally, I don’t want to manage this in my application.
All my application would do is to push the data to the High Speed bucket, then the rest would be handle by something setup in Influx.

Thank you for ideas and suggestions.

I would use a Task that queries the 2h retention and writes to a 1x point/min bucket.
Then I’d create 1 task to save 1 week of data where you query the 1x point/min bucket.
Another task to save 1 mo of data where you query the 1x point/min bucket.

You can’t automatically copy data over to other buckets. You’d have to create a task to do this. But you can write data to multiple buckets. I’d try writing to multiple buckets with different retention policies.

Also you can perform backups:

Hope that helps!

Thank you for the suggestion and direction. It looks like the perfect solution for what I need to do :slight_smile: .