Alert when value doesn't change in last x minutes


I would like to know if there is a way to get notified via E-Mail if a certain value that I’m storing hasn’t changed in the last x minutes. For instance let’s side that the outside temperature hasn’t changed in the last 15 minutes. Is there a simple and direct way to do that?

I have experimented with Cronograf and I’ve managed to get E-Mails if a value is less or greater than some limit but the Cronograf Alert Types of Treshhold, Relative and Deadman don’t seem to address particular my use case.

Hello @golanudelamare,
I believe you want to use the stateDurationNode()

Hello @golanudelamare,
For clarification, I believe you want to do something like:

var mean_field_level = 
  |where(lambda: "cpu" == 'cpu-total')
 |stateDuration(lambda: "usage_idle" = mean_field_level)
    // Warn after 1 minute
    .warn(lambda: "state_duration" >= 1)
    // Critical after 5 minutes
    .crit(lambda: "state_duration" >= 5)

@Anaisdg thank you very much for your both of your replies!
I’ll check your solution out and give feedback if it worked or not.

PS: Great vritual meetup in March, the insight into Prophet was very good!

Thank you! and please do :slight_smile:

Is there a record of that meetup about prophet? I would like to watch that too. @Anaisdg @golanudelamare

@Mert Yes, check out the influx data youtube page. You should find it there and other interesting videos as well.


Hello @golanudelamare and @Mert,
I also recommend registering for this webinar


@Anaisdg thank you! I’ll definitely check it out! Have a nice day!

@Anaisdg what about the digital meet up on the 28th of May? I tried to register but the link forwards me to a page that states that the event has already taken place.

It’s available at youtube in case you missed it.