Alert checks not working


I’am currently writing my bachelor thesis and for that I set up an influx v2 and telegraf docker to stream data via the telegraf exec plugin into influxdb.
Now I configured a simple alert check with a threshold to set a critical status at specific points and schedules it for every 10 seconds. After running it there are no data logged to the alert history. Does somebody else encountered this issue or has an idea how to solve it?
My InfluxDB version is 2.0.4


Hello @vinnivitz,
Are you using an offset in your check? There can be a read/write conflict between querying the data and creating and writing the status to the monitoring bucket.
I highly recommend checking out this blog:

It’s also worth verifying that your check is running successfully. You can do so under alerts>check name>eye icon>view history. Or you can copy the task id next to the check, and query the system bucket for tasks with that task id to verify that the check (which is just a flux task under the hood) is running successfully.