Add ifAlias to ifName (inputs.snmp)

Hello, I’m successfully using the telegraf SNMP plugin to monitor networking devices. In some cases, the interfaces also have a description in addition to the name (for example eth0, gi8, etc.). So I’m trying to get a value like: “eth0 test interface”. Does anyone know if this is achievable? and maybe a piece of code for inspiration?

      oid = "IF-MIB::ifName"
      name = "ifName"
      is_tag = true
      oid = "IF-MIB::ifAlias"
      name = "ifAlias"    
      oid = "IF-MIB::ifHCInOctets"
      name = "input"
      oid = "IF-MIB::ifHCOutOctets"
      name = "output"

Processors, you are probably looking for merge:

Thanks for your answer, browsing through the processors I found the plugin template that seem to be right for me: