Add custom tag with enum

My SNMP plugin returns 1,2,3,4 as _value but I also want to display what it means in the same query. I tried to use enum and I was able to display what it means but I was in a new _field (status) instead of adding it to the original _field (System Status).

Here’s my config:
name = “System Status”
oid = “”
field = “System Status”
#tag =
dest = “status”
1 = “Other”
2 = “OK”
3 = “Degraded”
4 = “Failed”

Is it possible to somehow combine these two so it’s in one field?
Thanks in advance,

The dest option specifies were you want the result to go to. I would try:

  1. change the destination option to System Status
  2. Update the mappings so it includes both values you want to see