Oracle telegraf to influxdb

Hello Susil

I think the script is fine, but I don’t see any output.

Hope some one from the community will be able to confirm that exec plugin needs output to fill influxdb

Hi Luise,
Now the script is running fine there is no error in telegraf log file also but why measurement is not creating.

Hello Susil

can you paste the output of the telegraf command?

Replace /home/oracle/scripts/ by your script

telegraf --config-directory=/etc/telegraf --test --input-filter=exec /home/oracle/scripts/

Its is showing this things

There is no error showing in telegraf status also.I didn’t identify where i did mistake.


there is no data produced by the script, it’s the reason why Influx don’t receive any data.

Look mine: In bold, the output

telegraf --config-directory=/etc/telegraf --test --input-filter=exec /home/oracle/scripts/
2019/11/11 13:59:39 I! Using config file: /etc/telegraf/telegraf.conf

But the script is running successfully and give output also but when I tried to run in telegraf plugin it’s does’nt give any output.
Here the script output by running ./

Mmm I dont’s know.

can you remove the timestamp? I remember that telegraf add it automatically.

And, other detail, can you paste the telegraf log when you execute the telegraf check?

Hi Luise,
Now Measurement is created successfully. There is mistake in scripts.
Thanks for your support.

Hello Susil

Glade to hear this good news!!!

have a nice day