X axis incorrectly assumes time, when plotting x_not_time against y_not_time

I’m using pivot to form a table so I can chart two values against each other.

The chart renders with the assumption that x is time.

However, if you zoom in a million times you can get the chart to display properly.

The bug comes from the incorrect assumption somewhere that the x axis should be scaled according to the time span of the data involved. This is fine for all cases when x is the _time column. But since the feature exists to select any column as the x-axis, it should of course be scaled according to the range of that column, not the range of the time.

The bug has been fixed for “scatter” plots.

Q: Why don’t I use scatter plots?
A: Because I want lines and not just points. And that is not an option on scatter plots. It assumes you want only points. This is true most of the time. But not always. In excel for instance, you can independantly set the presence of points and connecting lines for both line charts and scatter plots.

As a connected “bug” …
Although it’s possible to select any column for the x-axis, it’s not possible to label it, nor specify it’s min and max manually (like you can for the y-axis).

Again, the false assumption is that the x-axis is always _time. Yet the fact that you can select an alternative to _time makes this a false assumption.