Windows host info (Status, CPU, etc.) in Chronograf Hosts list

Just wondering, is this feature only available for unix-like machines at the minute?

I have a single Linux machine connected which shows green status, CPU, load, and apps (system, docker) but my Windows machines do not provide this info (despite sharing the system app). If I select a host, I get the autogenerated graphs however.

Also, I have a persistent host called MINOR that I can’t seem to get rid of… It may have been a bad config somewhere (Although, I doubt it because I’ve redeployed my configs with Salt recently), but I can’t seem to locate it anywhere!

Do you have telegraf installed on the windows machine?

I have mine set up to collect windows performance metrics.

    # Processor usage, alternative to native, reports on a per core.
    ObjectName = "Processor"
    Instances = ["*"]
    Counters = [
      "% Idle Time",
      "% Interrupt Time",
      "% Privileged Time",
      "% User Time",
      "% Processor Time",
      "% DPC Time",

Windows Performance Counters

Not sure if thats what you’re looking for

Telegraf is installed and I’m collecting a whole range of different metrics, but the Windows hosts don’t show any info in Hosts section within Chronograf.

I assume that part is still a WIP for Windows but I could be wrong.

Sorry i misunderstood.

I see what you mean, I can see the auto generated stuff but if i try and make a new graph i can only see my ubuntu box. Same if i use Grafana.

I’ve been working on the windows perf counters so hadn’t really looked at the system counters.