Will Flux support python UDF?

Will Flux support python UDF? I am starting to use Kapacitor and it is not clear to me if it is a good choice to write all the data analysis logic into a python UDF in order to make easy the migration from TICKscript to Flux. Any advice?

Flux will support UDFs eventually, but we haven’t begun to design that functionality yet. It probably won’t be available for a little while.

However, we don’t recommend UDFs as an upgrade path. Anything in the UDF that can be represented in Flux would be better if it were written in Flux.

Thanks @noahcrowley. Your answer puts mi in mind another question: how can I use machine learning libraries such as tensorflow with kapacitor? Which is the workflow? Do you have your on learning APIs? My questions are valid for both the tickscript and flux.

We gave this talk on TensorFlow and InfluxDB some time ago: