Why am I seeing odd metrics in Network

Hello Guys,
First time poster here and new to TICK Stack. I have telegraf running fine on about 9 hosts, so last night I decided to go afte more metrics, So in the telegraf.conf, I uncommented the [[inputs.net]] plugin (I think it’s called that) and when I looked at the graf on the left margin I am seeing 7.00e-3, 8.00e-3 and such what is that number and how do I make it human readable?

Thanks for the assistance in advance.

That’s probably an artifact of having to determine the min and max values for the axis when the values are only in that narrow range. Storing decimals results in rounding errors, typically seen in the e-7 range rather than e-3, but maybe this is the cause for your case.

I’m assuming you’re looking in Chronograf. The Data Explorer doesn’t seem to have formatting options, but the Dashboards section does. (Though people typically prefer to use Grafana for dashboards as a finalized solution.) Look under “visualization” > “Y-value’s format”.

Best thing to do, go to the Data Explorer and switch to table view so you can see the actual values.