What directory is Kapacitor in when it runs .exec()?

Hey everyone, I’m using TICK as part of my senior capstone project and what i am basically doing is I have configured a VyOS router VM that has a TICK stack on its network. The router is sending its logs to the TICK stack and the stack is collecting them as normal. When one of my scripts trigger, I want the script to send me an email and also run an ansible playbook to make config changes to the router. when i run the ansible playbook by itself it works and makes the changes I need. However, it fails to run in the script. Here is the chunk of my code that has the .exec line:

var trigger = data
    .crit(lambda: "value" >= crit)
    .exec('/usr/bin/ansible-playbook', 'playbook.yml')

I think the problem is that wherever Kapaitor is executing this command, the necessary files to run the playbook are not in the same directory. So i just need to know where I should copy these files to. Also I should probably mention that the script does send the email perfectly fine it just has not been able to run the .exec() command successfully. Thank you everyone for your help ahead of time!