We`re developing ya csv2influx tool


I am working with my teammate on yet another csv2influx tool
It can import simple csv files, rename fields and merge dates from multiple columns.
Tested on big datasets.

Looking for feedback.

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Hi Jonyrock. I am not that good at node, but It is pretty sweet. I like the merge fields, does the merge work on non time fields? If so how do you merge different value types together?

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I had a chance to look at the code this morning. It looks quite clean. I think tag support is quite important. I suspect it wouldn’t be that big of a change.

Hey @lyondhill

I am happy to hear from you!

How can I notify you when I implement this features?

I can follow the Issues on github.

Why node? I think python with pandas is easy to do this and if go it will be fastest.

@jiamicu good point. Have no answer yet.
I just like node. I satisfied with performance and costs of development.
Thank you for the advice, really.