Update Password Failed. Passwords do not Match

I am trying to update password for my admin account. I use command as follows:
influx -t my-token user password -n my-username

and the Command Line ask me to input new password. After I type my new password, the Command Line shows messages as follows:

e[36mPlease type your new password againe[0m:

e[31mPasswords do not match.
e[0me[36mPlease type your new passworde[0m:

Apparently I am not given a chance to type my new password again. What can I do?

@Ching-Chun_Chou based on the output, I’m guessing you’re running in a shell other than Bash. We had a bug in our logic for interactive CLI prompts, which should be fixed in the latest CLI release. Can you try downloading the latest standalone CLI and let me know if it fixes your problem? You can download it through these steps:

  1. Go to our downloads portal: Downloads
  2. Scroll down to the box labeled “InfluxDB Cloud CLI”, click the downward-facing arrow on its right-hand side
  3. Select your OS from the drop-down labeled “Platform”
  4. Run the shell commands listed on the site

Depending on your shell settings, you might need to delete your existing influx/influx.exe for the new binary to be picked up.