Unable to push metric to Inbound telegraf webhooks from github server

I have my own repository and want to get the notification to telegraf inbound webhooks which I can post it to wavefront

Ex: For pull_ request event
I want to get metric “no of file changed”, “no of file added” “no of open issues” “no of deletion” etc.

I need to know how to configure telegraf.conf to get these all metrics and configure for individual if needed.

Following this link
telegraf/plugins/inputs/webhooks/github at release-1.5 · influxdata/telegraf · GitHub

telegraf inbound webhooks is successfully configured in github server

Snippet how my telegarf.conf configured

#Address and port to host Webhook listener on
service_address = “IP:1619”
path = “/github”
measurement_name = “testing”
* ‘admin’ = event.sender.site_admin bool
* ‘commit’ = event.comment.commit_id string

please let me know what is missing here.