Tmax and log time

Is it correct that the difference between the log time in a log file entry and the tmax time indicates how far behind Kapacitor has become?

So, in this log entry:

kapacitor.log-20180828:[api-Template.GetUniqueLabelStatusForTemplate:log4] 2018/08/27 16:29:01 D! initial stream: {“name”:“api_detail”,“tmax”:“2018-08-27T16:11:46.955Z”,“points”:[{“time”:“2018-08-27T16:06:46.955Z”,“fields”:{“duration”…

we have these values:

2018/08/27 16:29:01 - time this line was logged
2018-08-27T16:11:46.955Z - time of most recent data point

Which seems to suggest that Kapacitor was processing this 17 minutes and 15 seconds after the data point arrived. Is that correct?

We’re running these stream tasks in 1 minute windows every 1 minute. We have many log entries that show this level of disparity. Any help in understanding how we can measure and improve Kapacitor performance would be welcome.