Time required to close influxdb database

hi guys i need to know the time take required to close the influxdb database after a sudden power off.

how much time its takes to close the database.

Hi Guru ,

it will take the same time as it takes for the sudden power off , everything will be down after a power off.
best regards

Hi MarcV

im asking tht how many sec ot time is required to close as per influxdb docs

Hi @guru ,

I have stopped my database and it took 3 seconds ,

best regards ,

date ; systemctl stop influxd ; date
Tue Sep 3 14:51:04 CEST 2019
Tue Sep 3 14:51:07 CEST 2019

Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[1]: Stopping InfluxDB is an open-source, distributed, time series database...
Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:05.264554Z lvl=info msg="Signal received, initializing
Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:05.266498Z lvl=info msg="Waiting for clean shutdown...
Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:05.267314Z lvl=info msg="Listener closed" log_id=0HEaf
Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:05.296788Z lvl=info msg="Shutting down monitor service
Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:05.297053Z lvl=info msg="Terminating precreation servi
Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:05.297140Z lvl=info msg="Terminating continuous query
Sep 03 14:51:05 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:05.297578Z lvl=info msg="Closing retention policy enfo
Sep 03 14:51:06 influxd[19924]: ts=2019-09-03T12:51:06.374160Z lvl=info msg="Closed service" log_id=0HEaf2
Sep 03 14:51:07 systemd[1]: Stopped InfluxDB is an open-source, distributed, time series database.

thanks for clearing the dought.