Time of day as Y-Axis

Hi All

I’m a relative newcomer to InfluxDB and Flux but I’ve managed to log my house PIR data nicely for the last few weeks and now I’m trying to derive value from the data. In particular, I’ve created a task that detects when I get up in the morning by looking for the first occurrence of 5 or more PIR detections in any room other than my bedroom each day. It works well. My IoT sensors send a count per room every 5 minutes. I then run a task that looks for the first occurrence of count > 5 each day, which it saves to a “trends” bucket. It’s this trends bucket I’m trying to further analyse.

However, I’m struggling to find a way to visualize the data in a way that helps me see the variations, mean and unusual times of day that I get up. At some point I’ll look for “anomalies” but first I’d just like to see a plot with hours of the day on the left. Currently I show the PIRcount, which is actually irrelevant.

I think I need to show the Time Of Day as the Y-axis where the data and times of when I got up are recorded on the X-axis. I can show the UNIX time easily enough on the Y-axis but that doesn’t help.

Can anyone point me in the right direction with this please?

Many thanks!