Tick Script n Procstat Help required


Am using HTTPOUT node to get output of Tick Jobs. System matrix are worked fine with deadman functionality to check if Telegraf is running.

For Process status on Linux, I need to get below Output on HTTPOUT node.

CustomTag1, CustomTag2, CustomTag3,Host, Process Name, Pattern, Process Status

What I tried

  1. I have written stream script to get process details from procstat, and inserted in new measurement new_procstat with additional tag Process_Status
  2. wanted to use Deadman on same stream, to insert status for missing process as DOWN and insert details in new_procstat table with status as down
  3. another Tick script to read new_procstat and get desired output.


  1. Above mentioned first step worked fine, except Process_Status is getting inserted as Tag, instead of Field.
  2. Deadman is not inserting all the Tags/Fields coming from procstat. How can I insert new field “Process_Status” with Deadman not as Tag?

Help On

  1. This is two step approach, but still fine if someone can help guiding me how to manage custom Tags/Fields with InfluxDBOut as part of DeadMan

  2. Or, suggest me some other way to achieving desired output from procstat