Telegraph - Grabbing performance data from HPE Storevirtual SAN nodes

Hi all,
Does anyone have any suggestions for using Telegraph to execute and ingest perf data from HPE Storevirtual SAN’s?
HPE provide either an SSH interface or a CLIQ tool for connecting to each node and returning performance data in an XML format.
I’d love to be able to use Influx to historise and view the storage performance but not sure where to start.
I was thinking of writing a script to do the data querying and dump these XML files to a folder for parsing but wondered if there might be a better way.
Has anyone out there done something similar in terms of parsing XML files or collecting data via SSH?

There are a few generic inputs to Telegraf that might be useful in terms of getting the data into InfluxDB.

Looking at the HPE StoreVirtual documentation, it looks like the device can be configured to expose data over SNMP. You could then use the Telegraf snmp plugin can gather that data.

If that doesn’t work, you could take a look at the exec plugin. It will execute a command or script, and can parse output in any of the Telegraf input data formats. If you write a script that queries for the data, converts it into InfluxDB Line Protocol and outputs it, you can have Telegraf execute that script at regular intervals and send the data to InfluxDB.

Alternatively, the socket_listener plugin can listen for incoming data if you have a service continuously running that can write data to a Unix socket.

Thanks Noah,

Yeah, unfortunately the SNMP data Storevirtual exposes is very limited. I think the exec plugin might be the way to go…i’ll give this a go!