Telegraf and wss

I’m very new to telegraf, networking and influxdb and I’m having some trouble getting started.

I want to use:
to pull data in but I’m getting the:
E! Service for input inputs.socket_listener failed to start, exiting listen tcp: address tcp/9443/ws/ethbtc@miniTicker

In my telegraf.conf I have set::

service_address = "tcp://"
max_connections = 1024
read_timeout = "60s"
read_buffer_size = 65535
keep_alive_period = "5m"
data_format = "json"

I have a feeling I’m doing this very wrong but I can’t seem to find documentation on it that’s high enough level for a beginner to understand. Could someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

Unfortunately we don’t have an input plugin that supports WebSockets currently, the socket_listener and socket_writer are only for tcp/udp/unix sockets.

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