Telegraf 1.19 input Unbound error

Hi I’m getting the error below when I add as input unbound

[inputs.unbound] Error in plugin: error gathering metrics: error running unbound-control: exit status 1 (/usr/local/sbin/unbound-control [stats_noreset])

I’m using freebsd and the input portion looks like this
binary = “/usr/local/sbin/unbound-control”
thread_as_tag = true

I tried to add config_file = “/var/unbound/unbound.conf” but it did change a thing.

Any assistance is very welcome

Which user is running telegraf? Does this user have the permission to run /usr/local/sbin/unbound-control?

Try with sudo -u username /usr/local/sbin/unbound-control status

sudo -u username /usr/local/sbin/unbounud-control -c /etc/unbound/unbound.conf status

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