Task is run as scheduled but missing output

We have a task (custom event) running every 10 min which shows it is running successfully in the logs.

The output should be written always every time the task runs, however it seems that (randomly?) the output is not written.

same shows in the monitoring bucket:

Although the logs show that it ran successfully:

Most of the time everything works fine, but I would like to understand what happened this time.

hmm that is interesting @balab could there be a case where there isn’t data at this time? Perhaps the query being run returns an empty table?

Hi Jay, thank you for looking into this.
The query should always return either 0 or 2. In this particular case it should have returned a 0.
If I run the task’s query for that period of time it returns a 0:

In the following you may see that the task keeps running with its output alternating between 0 and 2.
I have highlighted the missing value in red. What else could be the reason for this?