Table separation rules + Table information overview

I wonder if InfluxDB has any specific rules to split data into tables or tables are always defined manually?

Also, is there a way to get a summary overview of the table’s main characteristics and their differences from each other? Or, are they only different by having different columns?

For context: I am querying data with the Python client, and it produces lots of tables. However, the table identifier is a simple integer that does not tell me what the specific tables stand for.

Update: Based on the documentation, tables seem like the same (?) as ‘series’.

The from() function retrieves data from an InfluxDB data source. It returns a stream of tables from the specified bucket. Each unique series is contained within its own table.

And here is the definition of series.

A collection of data in the InfluxDB data structure that shares a measurement, tag set, and bucket.

So, if that covers it, this partially answers my questions.