Structure for room sensors

Hi all,

I’m receiving the data (temperature and humidity) for ~10 wireless roomsensors. Every sensor has a unique ID and reports temperature and humidity in each transmission. Data looks like this:

'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:11', 'T': 19.3, 'RH': 61, 'ID': '0', 'room': 'living' 
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:13', 'T': 18.7, 'RH': 62, 'ID': '54', 'room': 'bath'
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:14', 'T': 19.2, 'RH': 62, 'ID': '70', 'room': 'play'
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:16', 'T': 19.3, 'RH': 61, 'ID': '0', 'room': 'living'
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:18', 'T': 18.7, 'RH': 62, 'ID': '54', 'room': 'bath'
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:18', 'T': 18.6, 'RH': 57, 'ID': '34', 'room': 'kitchen'
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:20', 'T': 4.8, 'RH': 75, 'ID': '4c', 'room': 'outside'
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:21', 'T': 19.4, 'RH': 61, 'ID': '0', 'room': 'living'
'timestamp': '2019-12-02T20:25:24', 'T': 19.2, 'RH': 62, 'ID': '70', 'room': 'play'

I wonder what is the best way (structure) to store the data in influxdb? At the moment I tried with a single measurement ‘rooms’, giving T and TH as fields and ID and room as tags. Is it better to have dedicated measurements for each room?