Splunk influxdb connect


Hi all, so im trying to send datat from splunk over to influxdb and have configured some settings on splunk influxdbconnect and im able to see the data from query but im not getting it into influxdb? do i need to make any changes to influxdb.conf for integrating splunk data to influxdb?apart from configuration on splunk.


@Praphooldhole When asking for help, it would be very helpful for us if you could provide a more thorough writeup of your issue. Can you share exactly what library you are using to connect InfluxDB and splunk? You shouldn’t need to make any changes to influxdb.conf to send data to InfluxDB.


sure jack sorry for that , im using influxdbconnect from Splunk to send data over to influxdb.


@Praphooldhole I’m unfamiliar with piece of software. I’m also not very good with splunk. Do you have a link to some documentation or how it works or what exactly it does?

Also it might be helpful if you post some logs or other standard troubleshooting data. I’m very helpful when it comes to InfluxDB products but my knowledge of adjacent systems like splunk is generally higher level.

If it is a client to send data from Splunk to InfluxDB then there should be no change to InfluxDB required.


yeah it is a client that would send data to Influxdb from splunk and i donot have access to splunk server so wil am not able to get to logs .
you can go through the following link for influxdb connect: https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/3065/#/details