Session duration and count


How can I calculate number of sessions and session duration using InfluxDB or Kapacitor?

A session is defined as a group of interactions one user takes within a given time frame (a session lasts until there’s 30 minutes of inactivity).

The schema may be something like this: time, user_id, action


Kapacitor processes on data that exists, as such detecting the absence of activity for 30m requires a slightly indirect approach.

Using the stats node you can get counts about the activity of a user and then perform operations on those counts.

// Select the data that exists and group it by user
var data = stream

var stats = data
    // Compute stats about the number of user events every minute.

// Now determine the length of the each session
var sessions = stats
    // Note: stateDuration is a new feature coming out in the next 1.3 release. 
    |stateDuration(lambda: "count" > 0)
// Do something with the session durations.
        .info(lambda: "duration" > 120)
        .message('User {{index .Tags "user"}} has been logged in for 2+ hours.')

// Count the number of active sessions
var count = sessions
    // Remove group by user tag.
    // Filter out all users that are no longer active.
    |where(lambda: "duration" > 0)
    // Count them

// Do something with the session count

Hope, that helps. Let me know which parts may be confusing.

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