Schema - Filter fields by specifying a tag


Is there a way to filter the output of the functions in the “influxdata/influxdb/schema” package by given tags? I’m currently trying to get all fields of a bucket with a given “_measurement” value and a specific “device” tag value.

This would be the equivalent configuration with the UI (I blured most of the values, but the idea should be clear):

I realized there is already another question similar to my question, but it has not been answered.

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While the “Explore your data schema with flux” page only presents pretty basic use cases, the actual schema.fieldKeys() documentation shows that a predicate function can be specified as an optional argument in the function parameters. After finding the definition and the usage of predicate functions in flux, I added a predicate function to only show fields with a certain “device” tag value:

import "influxdata/influxdb/schema"
schema.fieldKeys(bucket: "example-bucket", predicate: (r) => r.device == "my-device-type")

This solved my problem.

You rock! Thank you for sharing the answer you found <333