Retention policy deleting old data results in memory rise and data write failure

Hello everyone!

After using the influxdb for a month, I encountered such a problem. I set the retention policy to 30 days. Retention policy automatically deletes old data. About 0.5mil series of data deleted at a time. This causes the CPU and memory to rise rapidly and last a long time. And this period of time will result in the inability to write data.

Is it normal to delete this amount of data for such a long time? Why does data write fail during data deletion?

Has anyone ever encountered the same problem, how did you solve it or any other solution?


Hi @Schneizelw,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Can you share a little more information about your setup, please?

I’d like to understand what retention policies you have, as well as the shard durations.