Rest API set-up in Things Network

I use the Things Network console for capturing data and integrate to InfluxDB cloud
Until now i do not have any success.

Do anyone have the experience in how to set - up the HTTP integration in TTN application and corresponding Telegraph?

Hello @Carsten_Fosvang,
Welcome! I don’t know much about IoT, so I’m asking around. However I recommend checking out these resources as they might interest you/answer some of your question in the meantime:

why do i get this message in telegraf?
Current platform is not supported

Maybe you could tell us what platform you are running telegraf on and which
version you are using.


Windows 10 and latest version

I was hoping for a number rather than the word “latest”, but given that you
are running on Windows, see the last comment at and see whether
the link helps.


Telegraf 1.14.2 (git: HEAD fb74eaf2)

It seems like something wrong in the input
2020-05-15T13:49:24Z W! [inputs.processes] Current platform is not supported