Resolved: Left reference value \"cpu_total_idle\" is missing value

ts=2018-02-21T00:15:26.029Z lvl=error msg="error evaluating expression for level" service=kapacitor task_master=main task=test2 node=alert2 err="left reference value \"cpu_total_idle\" is missing value" level=CRITICAL

I am receiving the above error on the following tick

dbrp "statsd"."shortterm"
        .crit(lambda: "cpu_total_idle" <  70)

The data is there …

select * from cpu_total_idle limit 10   
name: cpu_total_idle
time                host              metric      value
----                ----              ------      -----
1519171749000000000 tf-p-ubu-sensu-00 cpu-metrics 224818849
1519171759000000000 tf-p-ubu-sensu-00 cpu-metrics 224820808
1519171769000000000 tf-p-ubu-sensu-00 cpu-metrics 224822769
1519171779000000000 tf-p-ubu-sensu-00 cpu-metrics 224824728

I am using sensu with the influxdb udp line protocol.

Thanks !

In case someone else find this issue with the sesnu and influxdb you need to select the field group by host and act on the value field like:

dbrp “statsd”."shortterm"
.crit(lambda: “value” < 70)