Question about buckets / messurements

qustion about organisation for my data
Lets say i have 5 machines on the same PLC
The PLC sends data as UDP LINEDB messages to telegraf.

each machine produces a message about every 5 seconds

line1, line=1 status=running, bagsbatch=500200i,bagstotal=556778876i,preparetime=5.505 timestamp
line2, line=2 status=running, bagsbatch=456i,bagstotal=6788i,preparetime=5.578 timestamp
line3, line=3 status=running, bagsbatch=1500200i,bagstotal=2556778876i,,preparetime=8.7785 timestamp
line4, line=4 status=running, bagsbatch=2500200i,bagstotal=3556778876i,preparetime=4.67 timestamp
line5, line=5 status=running, bagsbatch=3500200i,bagstotal=4556778876i,preparetime=5,765 timestamp

or do i need a bucket for each line ?  now that i think a new messurement for each line
and how to use more then 1 bucket, do i need to insctance the telegraf 5 times, ech with its own bucket name. The main disadvantage for my plc is that i need to maken 5 connections.

Or is it possible to specify the bucketname in the linemessage to telegraf?

Or its no problem to put everything in the same Bucket/database container.
machine status tag is running,stopped,failure

i would to make a report every day for each line and all lines together.

The data should be kept for 12 months