Picking CQ-Result while runnin'

First, hello community !

I want to do some stuff with influxdb and i’m tryin to pick a result from an uncompleted cq task, caused of an 24 hour bucket (group by time(24h))

My query starts every minute and is looking at the hole day, picking the first value. Afterwards i want to display it via grafana, but when i’m using an table with the aggregate function “last” it doesnt show me the last point.

The one and only point is at 00:00 at got updatet every minute.
I need this value to start my calculating on it.

Maybe somebody kann help me or have another idea.

Sorry for my englisch, i’ve done my best.


Hi @PL_D! Can you provide the query you’re running? That would help us see what’s going on.

Hello Katy

my query was something like:

create continuous query aktuell on test resmaple every 1m begin select first(“firstpoint”) as firstpoint into newTable from oldTable group by …,time(1d) END

In my mind it looks like:

write Data | read area

next minute | whole day
next minute | whole day
next minute | whole day

and so on…

I have the feeling that when i ask for this point before the timebucket is over, the query is incomplete like not yet available.

Or am i wrong, when i try to query it with:
select last(“firstpoint”) from newTable ?