Pedagogical - Data Layout


I’m trying to understand how data is stored in InfluxDB so I could understand and shape my thoughts for query.
Yes - I’m coming from MS SQL background… so apologie if its too obvious for InfluxDB ninja’s

My line protocol in c#

   var point = PointData
                          .Field("ContentId", movieTitles[i].id)
                          .Field("Title", movieTitles[i].title)
                          .Field("IMDBRating", movieTitles[i].vote_average)
                          .Timestamp(DateTime.UtcNow, WritePrecision.Ns);


Hello @singhswat,
I think the following resources will help you to understand Flux better. It’s definitely tricky at first, but now I prefer it over InfluxQL.

Please let me know if these resources are sufficient. And thanks for being up to the challenge!

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