Not Able To Work a Get Web Method Using MVC Jquery With InfluxDB Read

I have written the following code
public static async Task<List> Read_InfluxDb(String MachineCode)
String URL = CommonUtility.InfluxDbURL;
String UserID = CommonUtility.InfluxDbUserId;
String Password = CommonUtility.InfluxDbPassword;
String DBName = CommonUtility.InfluxDbName;
String Sql = “select * from ptStat where time > now() - 8h and Machine=’” + MachineCode + “_STS’”;
List Response = null;
var _client = new InfluxDb(URL, UserID, Password, InfluxVersion.v012x);
Response = await _client.QueryAsync(DBName, Sql);
return Response;
Now this function is being called asynchronously by ajax method in 10 seconds time interval but the problem is when the control come into this line
Response = await _client.QueryAsync(DBName, Sql);
it just not able to get result or may delay that application is being freeze for this.Working in MVC 5 with angular and Jquery with C# any help will be great.