NATS .net client and telegraf

im trying to send data with nats client to telegraf
but I’m getting invalid timestamp or invalid number error on telegraf

using (IEncodedConnection _c = new ConnectionFactory().CreateEncodedConnection(“nats://”))
_c.Publish(“api_sniffer”, Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(string.Format(“weather,location={0} temperature={1},bug_concentration={2} 1465839830100400200”, “bla”,55,66)));

this will throw

2017-06-25T13:30:03Z E! Error in plugin [inputs.nats_consumer]: E! subject: api_
sniffer, error: metric parsing error, reason: [invalid timestamp], buffer: [ :slight_smile:
???:slight_smile: :spades::slight_smile: Lweather,location=bla temperature=55,bug_concentration=66 146

wrong connection config
ConnectionFactory _cf = new
var _c = _cf.CreateConnection(“nats://*****:4222”);

and the line protocol wasn’t correct as well