Name_override changes record removes quotes and escapes

In testing tail with inputs.file and using name_override filter, the result gets changed! Please help me make sense of this.

WITH name_overrride the measurement changes to:

  • escapes spaces,
  • removes quotes around a string
  • and removes a comma.
  • changed the order

Please, is this expected? I’m not sure if this will look correct in influxdb or not, will it?

  name_override = "sitechecker"

Without name_override:
> file,host=myhost details1="Site 57 has Connected",event="Site Connection Status" 1673711478000000000

With name_override:
> siteshecker,details1=Site\ 57\ has\ Connected,host=myhost event="Site Connection Status" 1673711478000000000

That’s the difference between a tag and a field, it has nothing to do with the name_override option.

In the first case, details1 is a field, and in the second a tag.
Will it be displayed correctly? yes
Is it “correct” to store details1 as a tag? that’s up for debate

The two rows have been generated by different configs. the part you shared doesn’t suffice as serialization depends on the data_format and its specific settings

@Giovanni_Luisotto thanks for the reply.


I see not only did I add name_override, I edited “csv_tag_columns”. So the difference is as expected. Sorry to waste your time, but thanks for the nudge.