Multiple influxDB config files


We want to maintain two different config files like system-default-influx.config and user-influx.config. And all the entries in ‘user-influx’ should override ‘system-default-influx’.
Is there any existing functionality or should we write some external script to do that?

(Note: We are using Influx 1.7.5)


AFAIK there isn’t any formal process to merge files as you’ve outlined. You can absolutely point two distinct influxdb instances at respectively unique config files, but not sure about combining the two into a hierarchy-like system.

Is is possible for you to run two distinct instances with their own config files?


No. It should be the same instance. We are thinking of providing standard configs to the users. And if a user wants to update any then user may write the updated configs in the user config file (without disturbing the standard configs). Hence, the user will not lose custom configs if we decide to update the standard configs in next versions. Combination of both files should be provided to influxd as configurations.

I guess I may need to write some script which will merge both config files. Please let me know if you can think of any other approach.


I’ve never really done this for influxdb, but it looks like some merge tools do exist which may help you?

This could be a good blog post!