Migration the data from Inlufuxdb to OpenTsdb


I’m all fresh beginner with Influxdb.

I would like to know if Influxdb and OpenTsdb are compatible,???
Knowing that Influxdb uses leveldb and Opentsdb uses Hbase.

In order to find a solution that will allow me to send the data in OpenTSDB.

If they are compatible I will look for a solution to migrate the data record by librenms in Influxdb to opentsdb,
Or change directly to librenms so that it can send directly the data into OpenTsdb.

I also see on the doc of Influxdb that it uses OpenTsdb but I did not quite understand how esque Influxdb allows recording in OpenTSDB or other ??

thank you very much

Hi @yani01,

Speaking from the perspective of someone who’s migrated from OpenTSDB → InfluxDB, the two systems are independent and unrelated storage mechanisms. They are both time-series database engines that store and consume data in completely different ways.

That being said, if you’re concerned about writing data from your collectors into either backend then provided you respect the protocol of either backend you can have data sent to either solution. For example, the native collector for the InfluxDB backend is telegraf (the T and I in TICK), while native OpenTSDB collector is scollector.

In addition to those defaults, both will accept either custom collectors with the proper line protocol or from various other open source collectors like collectd, statsd, etc.

Here is a link to the output for telegraf to OpenTSDB:

This may also be of value:


Hey Sebito, I am new to Influx and OpenTSDB.
I have a few dashboards in Grafana which were made from OpenTSDB as data source now I need to migrate those dashboards to Grafana using InfluxDB as data source. Can you give me something on it? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rohan_Pathak, sorry for the late reply. I’m not aware of any tools to migrate directly from one data source to another, but I have moved dashboards from graphite and opentsdb to influxdb before.

The best process I’ve found is to update your existing opentsdb dashboards with the influxdb queries in the same panel (multi-datasource option) so you can see if your new query is accurate. If you’ve done things correctly then you should just see the influxdb query overlay the opentsdb query, provided you’re sending the same data to each datasource.

Hope that helps!

PS. There are some decent tutorials here: http://docs.grafana.org/tutorials/screencasts/