Metrics Flapping

The chocolatey-agent in the picture below seems to be flapping consistently as could be seen from the lines in the red box these results to false alert on our alerting channel. I have checked the service on the vm and seems to be running. Once I refresh the dashboard consistently it changes tofrom Stopped to Running then after some time it switches back.

I have checked the telegraf logs and could not find any error; I have also used output.file module and could also not find any error

The telegraf version is version 1.23.1

Here is the module that collects metrics for the service:

service_names = [ “chocolatey-agent”, “ir_agent” ]
interval = “5s”


Please any help will be helpful

Please can someone help out

@user_007 I’m not sure if this is an issue with Telegraf or with the chocolatey-agent service. The ir_agent servicer seems to be reporting just fine, so it makes me think that the issue isn’t with Telegraf. Have you checked the chocolatey logs to see if there’s any clues there?