Manage holidays for energy tariffs

Hi, I’m new with influx, telegraf and flux language.
I’m playing with 2 energy meters and PV inverter meter.
I got it almost working (lot of headaches :exploding_head:), including tagging the energy by tariffs, depending on hour and day of the week.
But how to manage holidays, so to tag correctly the tariff? Has anyone already had to deal with?
Does anyone have a smart idea how to manage the problem?

Helllo @ilmarietto,
Unfortunately there isn’t an out of the box solution for tagging and working with holidays in InfluxDB. You’d have to do that manually.
I’d suggest pulling your data out with a client library and using a specific library for that type of work.
I appreciate you sticking with it. Learning Flux is quite challenging. Which is why we’re moving away from it in 3.x.

Hello @Anaisdg,
thank you for replay.
I did it.
Some tips how I did, if someone interested, but maybe there is a more elegant solution.
I went deeply in holidays calendar and I found out only Easter monday is a variable holiday, at least here in Italy.
There is a dedicated function in Libreoffice (don’t know if in Excel also) for Easter, EASTERSUNDAY(Year). It is day based, so just a +1 gives Easter Monday. It’s also possible to obtain Good Friday (eastersunday -2) and Pentecost Monday (eastersunday +50), if someone needs.
I created a csv with fixed holidays and Easter monday until 2100, formatted date and description, ordered and loaded in a bucket with CLI.
Then created a hourly task with a lot of “ifs” processing the entry _time using date.truncate, date.hour and date.weekDay and added the correct tariff tag. It seems to work! :smile: